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Major:Communication Arts

3 Credits*ENGL103 minimum grade C
3 Credits*ENGL102 minimum grade C
3 CreditsAREA *IA
3 Credits*HIST101
3 Credits*HIST102
9 CreditsAREA *IIB (Pick 3) (Maximum of 1 from one department) HIST or *PSYC or *GEOG or *POSC or *SOCI or *ECON or *ANTH
Choose 1 of the next 2 Credit Groups:
8 CreditsAREA *IIIA *BIOL or *CHEM or *PHYS or *GEOG (Pick 2) (Maximum of 1 from one department)
8 CreditsAREA *IIIA *BIOL or *CHEM or *PHYS or *GEOL (Pick 2) (Maximum of 1 from one department)
3 CreditsAREA *IIIB
3 Credits*PHEC106
3 Credits*CMAT100
3 Credits*CMAT110
3 Credits*CMAT200
3 CreditsAREA *IB *ART or *MUSC or *PHIL or *FREN or *SPAN or *GERM or *RUSS or *MDFL or *DANC202
3 CreditsAREA *IIIC
7 CreditsLower Level Elective
60 Credits
Contact Person: Office of Admissions 410-543-6161
Competitive Admissions GPA:
Minimum Program Grade:

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Additional Requirements & Information

Lower level electives or substitutions for courses in the above program which are not identified or availability may include additional coursework relevant to your major. Please contact the appropriate SU department chair to determine whether specific course not listed above can be used to fulfill specific major requirements.

GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS AREA I Humanities (15 semester hours)
A. ENGL 101 - Principles of Composition, and ENGL 102 - Principles of Literature, and three additional hours in literature.
B. Art, communication and theatre arts, dance, modern languages, music and philosophy. Choose six hours from at from at least two departments.

AREA II Social Sciences (15 hours)
A. HIST 101 and 102 - World Civilizations
B. Anthropology, economics, history, human geography, political science, psychology and sociology/conflict analysis and dispute resolution. Choose nine hours from at least three departments.

AREA III Natural Sciences (12 hours)
A. Biology, chemistry, geology-physical geography, geology, and physics(which includes astronomy). Choose six hours of laboratory coursework from at least two departments.
B. Three hours of additional coursework from the above sciences (laboratories not required), mathematics and computer science. C. Three hours of additional mathematics coursework.

AREA IV Physical Education (3 hours)
PHEC 106 - Personalized Health Fitness (or an equivalent combination of courses).

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