Major:Major: Comm Studies

3 Credits*WRTG289 or *WRTG288 minimum grade C
3 Credits*COMM300 minimum grade C
3 Credits*JOUR201 minimum grade C
3 Credits*JOUR330 or *COMM400 minimum grade C
3 Credits*SPCH125 minimum grade C
3 Credits*IFSM201 or *CMST303
3 Credits*CMST or *CMIS or *CMSC or *CMIT or *IFSM
3 Credits*WRTG101
3 CreditsAREA *ECOM
3 CreditsAREA *EWRT
6 CreditsAREA *SOSC
3 CreditsAREA *MATH
3 CreditsAREA *SCIN
4 CreditsAREA *SL96
11 Credits*COMM or *SPCH or *JOUR or *WRTG minimum grade C
63 Credits
Contact Person: Enrollment Team, 301.985.7000
Competitive Admissions GPA:
Minimum Program Grade:

RTP Last Updated: March 18, 2009

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